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Heavily Republican area turns against Trump and elects a pro-Bernie Democrat

Emily Shugerman
Thursday 25 May 2017

In November, 60 percent of voters in the 9th Assembly District of Long Island, New York voted for Donald Trump. Now, they have elected their first Democratic assembly member, Christine Pellegrino.

In the 9th Assembly District, mere miles from Mr Trump’s birthplace in Queens, New York, Republicans hold a 13-point registration advantage over Democrats. But Ms Pellegrino – who served as a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention – pulled off a striking upset this week, beating her Republican challenger 58 to 42 per cent.

“We worked hard. I don’t know what happened,” her competitor, conservative Tom Gargiulo, said.

The 9th Assembly District is small, with a population only slightly over 120,000, and Ms Pellegrino – elected on Wednesday –  will be just one of 150 different representatives in the New York State assembly. But the win is just one of several small victories Democrats have amassed in the months since Mr Trump took office.

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