PUBLIC EDUCATION: As an elementary school reading teacher for twenty five years and a mother of two daughters in middle school, I care passionately about the fight for local control over our schools. As a leader in the opt-out movement, I will stand against the standardization efforts from Albany that harms our children and weakens our say in their future.

OUR ENVIRONMENT & WATER: Our water supply is critical to our health and to our property values. I’ll fight for the resources from Albany to clean up the toxins that threaten our drinking water and make sure polluters are not poisoning our families.

ANTI-CORRUPTION: We’re sick and tired of the seemingly endless string of corruption scandals that flow from Albany. I’m embarrassed to explain to my children every time another elected official or political party leader is arrested for corruption and abusing the public trust to line their own pockets.

STORM PREPAREDNESS: Our district is on the front lines of devastating storms like Hurricane Sandy. I will never forget the sight of the storm waters rising to my front door and the devastation that so many of our neighbors faced. It is unacceptable how burdensome the relief process was for so many families and I will always defend these families as they rebuild their lives.

OPIOID EPIDEMIC: We need to put an end to this drug crisis that is preying upon our children and destroying families. I’ll make sure law enforcement has the resources they need to get these drugs out of our community and that first responders and emergency personnel have the tools they need to help people in crisis.

PROPERTY TAXES: While politicians are more than happy to take our hard earned tax dollars, we’re not getting back our fair share of the funding. This a bad deal that hurts Long Island families and impacts their ability not just to thrive here, but to survive. I’ll hold the line on property taxes.